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For the health and safety of our patrons and employees, we offer curbside pick-up service.
Please call ahead to place pick-up orders and we will have it hot and ready for you. We will ask you to come inside to pay, and then our employees will bring your orders out to your car for you.

We are also happy to inform you that you can order online in any of our restaurants.

The Garret

We opened our doors in the 1970s during the early days of the just-opened Pruneyard. A place to meet friends and family for a meal, and a place with a sense of community.  Since then, we've kept our roots in the heart of Campbell and welcome newcomers and old-timers alike.

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The Garret Station

Since opening in 2010, The Garret Station in Los Gatos continues the tradition of our popular family of restaurants!

Enjoy our great pizza and sandwiches, sports entertainment, some games for the kids, and a friendly, local atmosphere. It’s been received with 4 and 5-star ratings since the doors opened!

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Jake's of Saratoga

With the opening of Jake's (the first ever) came the beginning of new things. Jake's of Saratoga was the birthplace for Jake's pizza -- now enjoyed by customers at all of our restaurants. Dough recipes were fine-tuned here. Our rich flavorful red sauce was created. Taste tests were held. The votes came in and Jake's pizza was born.

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Jake's of Sunnyvale

Hey, if it works once why not try it again right? Founded in 1984, Jake's of Sunnyvale followed the same successful formula as Jake's of Saratoga; the Jake's that paved the way for our successful Jake's pizza!

Good food, plenty of it, friendly people, and a great place for families and friends.

Jake's of Sunnyvale has also become a focal point for our thriving catering business that continues to grow today.

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Jake's of Willow Glen

Has become a gathering place for ball teams, neighbors, and others seeking a casual place for a beer, glass of wine, and great food.

Many friends in the area have enjoyed the convenience of this friendly refreshment stop. Also, a great place to meet when heading to or coming from events in the downtown San Jose area.

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